A – Z of Fundraising Ideas

A – Arrange a charity auction evening

B – Bag pack at a supermarket

C – Collection pots are available to have in your office

D – Dress down at work day

E – Events. Check our events page for ideas of how others are raising money

F – Find the treasure! Organise a children’s treasure hunt

G – Go Green for Team Evie! All wear green for the day

H – Host a coffee morning

I – Invite your friends to join Team Evie and get involved

J – Just giving is a way to fund an event and reach a target

K – Kilimanjaro?! Climb a mountain and get sponsored

L – Ladies night

M – Make some cakes to sell

N – Name the teddy

O – Organise a charity night: pie & pea supper? raffle? tombola?

P – Pub crawl. Dress up and tour the pubs with collection pots

Q – Quit drinking for a month

R – Run a race

S – Shop at the Team Evie store

T – Take some Team Evie merchandise and sell it at a fair

U – Undertake a challenge. Look at our events page for ideas

W – Wristbands can be sold in your office or shop

X – Xtreme challenge

Y – Yogathon

Z – Zip wire?!