About Us









We are a charity set up by Greg and Jill Johnston, the parents of Evie Johnston, based in West Cumbria.

Throughout Evie’s life her dad kept updating everyone on her progress/difficulties through Facebook. It became apparent that Evie had quite a following of well-wishers and based on the greeting one particular consultant gave us each morning Team Evie was born! So many people sent love, support and hope Evie’s way during her life and she inspired so many people. Evie’s influence and inspiration spread far and wide, reaching places all over the world. When Evie passed away it became clear that as a community Team Evie needed to continue her positive impact on the world and the charity was created! The response and support the charity has attracted has blown us away, we are at the beginning of something special and we will help so many children and their families.

Thank you for your interest in Team Evie and we would love to welcome you into the team, get in touch if you can help out!