19th December 2019

12 Days of Christmas 2019

Greg Johnston

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

Today is another exciting announcement as part of our 12 Days of Christmas 2019 as we announce yet another new ward we are supporting!! Wahoo!! We are so proud of how many families we are helping in Evie’s name across what is now 18 medical teams across our region…!

We were delighted to pop in to SCBU in Furness General Hospital in Barrow to donate a hospital grade breast pump to them, and what a beautiful ward and lovely staff!! We are thrilled to start supporting the team, their babies and families!!

We know from personal experience how important it is to provide the facility for mums to express milk to be fed to their baby. For little ones who struggle to feed, or who aren’t able to swallow (like Evie) it is so important for them to have access to being fed their own mum’s milk. By providing this amazing machine we are enabling so many mums and their little ones to be able to feed as they wish, have the best start in life, and also help them to bond.

Thank you so much to you our supporters who make projects and campaigns like the 12 Days of Christmas possible – you are all amazing and we value every one of you. Thank you for enabling us to make such a difference to families!

Tune in tomorrow for day 7 to see where we are next!