Bereavement Support

When we left hospital after Evie died we found that there was no support for us back home in Cumbria and that there was little support out there which we found helped us. Along with helping poorly children and their families we have always planned to support bereaved parents.

This is why we have set up the TeamEvie Bereavement Support Group. Our group is the first of its kind in West Cumbria and in time will cover more of Cumbria and hopefully even further afield. The group meets once a month and is a safe place for parents who have lost a baby to meet and discuss their grief with others who understand.

There are also activities and some practical support to help parents deal with and understand their grief as well as remember their baby. The group is informal and parent led, so any ideas and suggestions are warmly received and used in the group sessions.

The group is free to attend and provides ongoing support for parents as long as they need it. We also have the online forum which is a safe place for parents to continue their discussions outside of the group meetings. Other parents who have lost babies are welcome in the forum too, if they live too far away to travel to the groups we currently offer, but please contact us before signing up.

The group takes place on the first Thursday of every month.

November’s meeting is unfortunately CANCELLED due to lack of a venue to host the event. We are currently looking for a long term venue for holding the group each month, with comfortable surroundings and kitchen facilities. If anyone can help out with this please get in touch!