Support Material for Parents

During the sessions of the Bereavement Support Group we will discuss different resources which may either create discussion or help parents with their grief. The resources are uploaded on this page to download, view and read before and after the group meetings. They also may be useful if you are a bereaved parent visiting our site who is unable to attend a group meeting.

In this section you will find the different models of grief we look at in the group:

5 Stages of Grief

Dual Process Grief Model

Grief Wheel

‘My Experience’ of Grief

Tear Model of Grief

Tangled Ball of Grief

The Loss Cycle

For those unable to attend our group meetings, or for our members who feel they need some extra support in between meetings here is our list of additional groups, charities and helplines which you may find useful:

Additional sources of support

Other information about our Bereavement Support Group:

Confidentiality Agreement