2 new iPads donate to the Nectar Clinical Education Team

We were delighted to donate 2 more iPads to the team at Nectar – to be used in their cutting edge, forward thinking clinical education programme – during a recent visit with our patron Katy Daley-Mclean MBE.

The impact of the iPads we supply to both Nectar and the team in the Great North Children’s Hospital is incredible. Staff are trained using an ‘in-situ’ method whereby they are put in situations where a patient (doll) is attached to a monitor (the iPad) showing their vital statistics. The person leading the training can then alter what happens on the monitor (using another control iPad) to replicate what would happen if it were a real patient…

The training is delivered, in various forms, to staff right across the Newcastle Upon Tyne Trust, and to staff from Cumbria, South Scotland and North Yorkshire. The impact this has is, in a nutshell, saving lives of children in our area. The issues which can be highlighted in training which can be learned from, and the experience staff get that they can then take back to the ward with them is invaluable.

We are so proud to play a small part in what is such an amazing set-up put together by the teams in Newcastle – the staff are going to take their work to various conferences next year to show off to all the other teams across the country what they are doing – and Team Evie will be apart of this! We are so thrilled Evie’s legacy is making such a huge difference!