26th January 2018


Greg Johnston

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50 for February!

We know how difficult it can be at this time of year to ask people for big donations for charity… so we have come up with an idea! 50 for February!!!

It is a really simple idea where we are asking you wonderful supporters to try to raise the small sum of £50 for Team Evie. The impact of this project could potentially be huuuuge. If 10 people take on the challenge we raise £500 to help sick children and their families, if 50 people take on the challenge we raise £2500, and if all our Facebook followers were to do it we would raise an unbelievable £175,000…blimey.

And, as an additional bit of excitement, all those who take part and raise a minimum of £50 will be entered in to a prize draw to win a Team Evie t-shirt! Wahoo!

There are lots of ways you could raise the money:

  • Take cakes into work once a week and get colleagues to buy them? (Fridays are always a good day for cake!)
  • Host a dinner party for friends and ask them to donate a bit of money in return?
  • Add a couple of pounds on to each round at the pub to the charity pot, or have a whip round with your friends?
  • Organise a fun competition with colleagues, charge an entry fee and include a prize for the winner with the remaining £50 going to Team Evie
  • Shave your head…?!
  • Host a quiz?
  • Hold a ‘Green Day’ where everyone wears green and makes a donation
  • Do a sponsored silence…

The list is endless and any idea is a good idea! Simply get in touch to let us know you are taking part, then raise and donate your £50 via the ‘Donate Now’ button on our home page! Easy as that!

Let’s all get involved and raise LOADS of money to help sick children and their families!