16th April 2022

Showcase Saturdays

Greg Johnston

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Alice’s Story

Our episode today brings you the story of the beautiful, brave Alice – written by her mum Laura. She sent us this really lovely message to share their journey and how Team Evie helped:

We honestly as a family really can’t thank you all enough for all the things you do! Alice was our 3rd daughter and in February 2017 at just 6 weeks old she took ill with HMPV (a harsh version on bronchiolitis) she was in Darlington hospital for a couple of days when she deteriorated having to be ventilated and moved to PICU at the RVI!

As you are sadly more than aware this time was horrific, it was early hours of the morning and due to us having other children at home, Sean and I had been taking turns going home for freshening up etc, so had nothing with us! The Nectar team that came to transport Alice (who were also worth their weight in gold) gave us a soft toy provided by them, a sat nav with the destination already entered and a very special Team Evie bag… it had everything you’d need in that situation but probably wouldn’t think of due to the stress! It had toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush even biscuits, amongst lots more!

Whilst Alice was in hospital we used items provided by yourselves, although Alice was obviously ventilated, we were given a little music/light box by her bed, she loved it so much that we ordered one for when we came home to help settle her!

After 7 long days she was taken off the ventilator and then moved back to Darlington! Alice, like her sisters, is a truly amazing little girl, she is as strong as an ox and although hard to live with some days I’m so very grateful for her strong will as I’m sure that’s how she’s here today! She absolutely lives life to the full!

You ought to be so very proud in what you’ve set up! When I look back, all those little things you guys do make such a big impact at probably the worst time of someone’s life! I cannot imagine what you’ve gone through with the loss of your daughter, but please know that you’re doing everything to make sure she is making such a difference still today, and that so many people smile because of your Evie! Xxx