23rd February 2017

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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Bumpers to the Physio Team

We were so pleased to donate these fantastic ‘bumpers’ to the Physio team at the RVI!!

When Evie was in hospital there were none of these available and we used to roll up a blanket to form a little ‘nest’ for her to get her comfortable and feeling safe and snug as she slept… these bumpers are specially designed and made for the job, so all the babies on the ward can have a bumper in their bed to help them feel safe and cosy.

The bumpers are also used by the team in physio sessions to help little ones keep their physical development progressing as well as building strength after being confined to bed or post-surgery.

Again, hopefully this is another problem solved and something lots of little ones (as well as helping the team continue their fantastic work!) will benefit from!