14th October 2017


Greg Johnston

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The Butterfly Awards 2017 – Award Winners!

We were so honoured to be finalists for 2 categories at this years Butterfly Awards – ‘Committed Babyloss Volunteers’ and ‘Inspirational Father’

We attended the awards with Dominic from our Advisory Panel and his lovely wife Michelle. The evening was a fantastic celebration of the work so many do in the name of their angels.

WE ARE INCREDIBLY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE WON AN AWARD at the event! Greg picked up the award for ‘Inspirational Father 2017’! Here is a message from Greg:

“So, after a couple of days and having some time to reflect on being named ‘Inspirational Father 2017’ at the Butterfly Awards, I can only think of the huge amount of thank yous that are required…

Being given such an amazing award, national recognition for what we do for Evie, amongst some incredible fellow nominees such as Warren Dwa Morris and Chris Binnie, and truly incredible former winners like David Monteith, gives us such fantastic opportunity.

It is fantastic for our charity…and we are so, so proud.

Thank you so much to every single one of you supporters out there. Without you we are nothing. Without your kindness, support, fundraising and donations we simply could not achieve a thing. You mean the world to us and we will never take you for granted.

Thank you to all the medical staff who work so closely with us, making sure we are making the biggest impact we can, as well as supporting us personally. DominicShelleyMariaHelen and many many more…

Thank you to my wonderful friends, who are always there. Times are not always easy, and having your support is vital. You know who you are, but a very special mention to Erin and Mike who are ever-present and incredible.

Thank you to my family, who were there throughout the journey and remain by my side to keep doing what we do for our Evie.. Stephen, Mam and Emma.

Thank you to my absolutely incredible wife Jill. Without you I am nothing. The successes we have had in Evie’s name would not happen without you, and you are there for me always. I mentioned that times aren’t always easy, and that is an understatement – I simply would not manage without your support and the love you and our wonderful Imani give me.

And finally, Evie. It is all for you. You inspire me every moment of every day. There will never be a day when I don’t strive to make you proud, or try to reach more people who haven’t heard your story, or try to help people in your name. I love you, I miss you, and I am proud to bursting that we have an award in your name.

This is award is for you all, not me.

Thank you.

This serves as a platform now, Team Evie is going to continue to grow, reach more people, help more people and make Evie proud, let’s do this together!

Greg x”