26th May 2022

Showcase Saturdays

Greg Johnston

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Darcie’s Story

Our episode today brings you the story of lovely Darcie – written by her mum Hana. She sent us this really lovely message to share their journey and how Team Evie helped:

My daughter Darcie was rushed to Sunderland Hospital in October following a seizure at home, she was 18 months old. She unfortunately ended up in a coma and was transferred to RVI PICU by the NECTAR ambulance. I had just finished a 10-hour day at work and was straight into the ambulance with Darcie with only the clothes on my back.

On arrival at the RVI I was handed a Team Evie Parent Bag from the NECTAR crew. It was such a lovely gesture to know that someone else was looking out for us as parents when looking after ourselves was at the very back of our minds while our baby was poorly. When you find yourself in that kind of situation, even the most normal things such as shower gel/toothbrushes are a massive help. I used the Team Evie notebook and pen a lot when I was by my daughter’s bedside, writing down what the doctors were saying as nothing was registering in my mind after the traumatic time we had.

Once Darcie woke up, we gave her the little giraffe teddy bear from the bag and she still has it today! It’s a reminder of how far she’s come and also how Team Evie were our little bit of light at a very dark time. We are so thankful and hope you continue to do this amazing work for other parents and families.

Thank you so much🥰