20th October 2019

Support in the community

Greg Johnston

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ECG Monitor donated to Community Nursing Team

Thank you so much to everyone who put their little blue token in our box at Tesco in Workington earlier in the year…because of you we have been able to do THIS!

We are delighted to be donating our second ECG machine to the community nursing team, meaning the equipment can now cover across all of the West and North of the county!! With this additional machine the community nursing team will now be able to diagnose children very early with cardiac irregularities, for them to be referred quickly… they can also continue their Downs Clinic and expand this to Carlisle!

It is crucial for children with Down’s Syndrome to be checked over medically, as they are with the community teams yearly clinic, as they can often present as being well for a long time before showing symptoms or signs of illness. By having a full MOT from the wonderful nurses they are always looked after the best they can be, and if anything shows up they can be referred very quickly to the care of the relevant team…

These machines are very expensive, but make such a huge difference!

Once again, if you put your blue token in our box, thank you as it is down to the money you secured for us that we could buy this machine!