19th March 2022

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Ewan’s Story

We are really pleased to bring you Ewan’s story, written by his wonderful mam Colleen:

Ewan has been in hospital a number of times in his 4 years of life due to having a genetic condition Cystic Fibrosis. 

Ewan spent his first nearly 7 weeks of life in hospital mainly at the RVI in Newcastle. He required surgery in his first week of life due to Meconium Ileus and was taken to PICU to recover. After coming out of PICU back on to a ward we found out about Ewan’s diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. He then very quickly turned poorly and was readmitted to PICU with sepsis. Ewan recovered well from this and after a long stay on Ward 2 we were discharged home. 

We found out about Team Evie when we choose some books to read to our poorly baby and were grateful to be able to do something normal. During Ewan’s time in the PICU we again we found items donated by Team Evie, including music light boxes, which we loved Ewan to have on to help soothe him and keep him stimulated even whilst unwell. I still remember the songs from the box and sing these to him at bedtime 4 years on. 

Without these things hospital life can be dull and scary. 

When Ewan was a bit older and in hospital he enjoyed picking out books from the trolley to read and despite us being organised and packing his own activities it’s great to have a variety when your’e staying in for an extended period. 

Thank you Team Evie for everything you do. I am sure you have had a positive impact on many many families. 

Thank you so much to Colleen for sharing her families story. We are so glad that we are able to make a difference to such a brave, incredible family!

If you would like to help us to continue helping families like the Ewan’s, you can by donating here. Or if you have been helped by Team Evie and would like to share your story in a Showcase Saturday please get in touch.