16th February 2018

Fundraiser Fridays

Greg Johnston

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Fundraiser Friday – Episode #1

Welcome to our new feature, Fundraiser Fridays! Here at Team Evie we rely solely on the kindness of wonderful supporters to help us do the work we do to help sick children and their families… whether it is a simple donation, someone fundraising or a business getting involved with funding and sponsorship, every penny that is generously given to Team Evie makes a huge difference to families in our area. So, we decided to feature some of the wonderful people who, over the past few years, have taken part or organised events to raise money for Team Evie. Their stories will be varied and cover different events, challenges and ideas… our first episode comes from Kate, a good friend of Team Evie who took part in the Great North Swim in 2016! Kate’s swim raised lots of money, but also has a big impact on Kate… over to you Kate!:

“I was asked in 2015 by Emma (Evie’s auntie) to join Team Evie and take part in the Great North Swim for 2016, and I said yes… I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for!  I had never done any serious open water swimming, and I was in for the shock of my life – and not from the temperature of the water either…

The shock was how much I would love open water swimming. I had a few dips in the local Lido through the winter as preparation, but the distance between myself and the other team members geographically meant that I found it easy to stay at home in bed, instead of in water colder than 10°C. I had agreed to the swim not only to support my friend but to raise money for Team Evie to help other families who has lost children or had poorly children in hospital.

We were lucky because the day of the swim we had enjoyed the best weather the Lakes have to offer, the water was a balmy 22°C and sky was crystal blue. More importantly, I made it round along with the other fantastic team members -Emma, Claire, Mark and Colleen! It had been a long time since I had felt that sense of achievement, I had swum over a mile in open water and helped raise a lot of money. When you have a family, you don’t always make time to do things for yourself, and swimming with Team Evie meant that I did for the first time in ages. I am so glad I did, the Great North Swim built my confidence, my resilience and ultimately my fitness.

I have kept up the open water swimming in a lake local to me; I completed the Great North Swim again in 2017 and have even made it down to the local Lido in the winter, all thanks to Team Evie. I cannot remember when I felt the same sense of achievement as after the Great North Swim. It is such is a worthwhile thing to do for such an excellent cause, and while it may loom large when you’re in training, swimming lake Windermere and raising money was a truly rewarding experience. I dined out on it for months as often as I could! So thank you Greg, Jill, Emma and most importantly Evie, for changing my life! I urge anyone considering it to go for it, because it might change yours too.

Lots of love and good luck if you are taking the plunge this year for Team Evie.


What a story!! It fills us with such pride to hear how much getting involved with Team Evie and being inspired by Evie can do for people!! If you have been inspired by reading Kate’s story and would like to get involved in taking on this year’s Great North Swim you can sign up to our team by clicking here – we will then get in touch to help you get organised!