23rd February 2018

Fundraiser Fridays

Greg Johnston

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Fundraiser Friday – Episode #2

This evening’s featured fundraiser is the brilliant Stuart Buchanan, a great bloke who we think a lot of here at Team Evie!! Stuart ran the London Marathon 2017 for Team Evie – an amazing effort and he raised an amazing amount of money to help local families! So, without any further delay…here’s Stuart:

“I was lucky enough to get a spot in the 2017 London Marathon through my running club, Cumberland AC. I didn’t have to run for charity but decided that, as it was such a big event, I would seek a good local charity where I could be sure that every penny raised was going to a worthy cause. I had heard of Team Evie through friends and so decided to take a look at their website. I was immediately inspired by how Greg and Jill, after going through the traumatic lengthy experience of losing their beloved Evie, had taken that tremendous weight of grief and turned it into a wonderful positive, by drawing on the strength of Evie’s courage and positivity: raising funds in order to help others going through experiences similar to their own.

I contacted Greg and Jill and arranged to meet up with them. They made me so welcome and upon meeting them the inspiration I got from looking at their website grew ten fold! After visiting their home for just an hour and taking some promotional photos for my justgiving page, I came away feeling like I actually knew Evie, who I had never met!

To cut a long story short, that inspiration I felt from Evie through her parents has never left me to this day and I ran my best marathon for 26 years. I thought of Evie through every one of those 26.2 miles and even spoke to her on the way round! As a result, not only did I amaze myself how an old codger like me could get so close to a sub 4 hour marathon, I also raised 2 thousand pounds made up of donations from some lovely kind-hearted people who I believe, like me, saw Team Evie as a very worthy charity for obvious reasons.

If anyone else reading this is looking for a worthwhile charity to raise funds for then look no further than the marvellous Team Evie”

Thank you Stuart for sharing your story, and your very kind words, it means a lot to us! If you have been inspired by Stuarts story and would like to get involved in some fundraising for Team Evie get in touch or check out events page!