2nd March 2018

Fundraiser Fridays

Greg Johnston

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Fundraiser Friday – Episode #3

This weeks episode of Fundraiser Fridays is slightly different – as the person hasn’t started the challenge yet! However, as their challenge is so impressive, as well as their beard (Yes, I know…), and starts this weekend we thought it was perfect timing to feature the fundraising exploits of Ross Kyle!! He has written his story for you, which is entertaining and inspiring! If you would like to sponsor Ross you can see the link at the end of the story…over to you Ross:

“I first heard about Team Evie when the organisation my wife works for (NEPO) opted to spend 2018 fundraising for the charity. Having already had a big year of challenges planned I decided that I would put the most ridiculous idea I have ever had (even more ridiculous than the short lived multi-coloured beard of 2015) to some good use and raise money for this very worthy cause.

I first started running back in May 2014 following the birth of our first child. After years of being a tradesman and driving everywhere and eating a diet consisting of drive-thru and takeaway food, my weight (unsurprisingly) spiked up to 19st and chasing around after my son became a challenge and I knew something had to change.

My first “toe dip” into running was doing the weekly 5km Park run, I came waddling in in last position.  This left me lying in the foetal position for the rest of the weekend asking my wife to bring snacks and drinks.

I stuck with the weekly 5k runs and then threw in some 10ks until the September when I had the bright idea to do a marathon! It was an ill advised challenge to do, still severely overweight, I had done very little to no training and the furthest I’d ran was 6 miles (I had no idea where I was going to pull the other 20 out of) but never the less, I got through it (again in last place but someone has to) and my love for a good challenge was born! I have since spent most of my spare time dragging my ever forgiving family around all my races and events and have covered distances from 5k to marathons (also completed 1 Ultramarathon of 69 miles) and dropped 5 stones in weight along the way.

With that little bit of history in mind, that brings me nicely to 2018 – the Rat Race Season Pass. I will be doing all the Rat Race events I possibly can (weather permitting – there’s a particularly tough trail run scheduled for Saturday 3rd March however the snow may put that one to bed!). I’m planning on completing the below races and events and hope to raise as much money as possible to support Team Evie in continuing the wonderful work they do:

  • The Might Deerstalker (weather permitting) 3rd March
  • The Ultra Tour of Arran – 14-15th April (100km)
  • The Wall – 16th June (69 miles from Carlisle to Newcastle)
  • Man Vs Coast – 7th July (20 miles from St Michaels Mount to Lands End)
  • Man Vs Lakes – 21st July (28 miles from Morecambe Sands to Coniston Water)
  • Man Vs Mountain – 1st September (24 miles over the summit of Mt Snowdon)
  • Ultra Tour of Edinburgh – 21st October (55km around Edinburgh and Arthur’s Seat)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you would like to donate anything to help achieve my target then it will be hugely appreciated by myself and Team Evie and will make all of the forthcoming blisters and chafing (I’m still not exactly lean) worth it!”

If you would like to sponsor Ross for his epic challenge you can by clicking here