14th February 2019

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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Gel pads donated to Ward 2a at the Great North Children’s Hospital

We were delighted to donate some gel pads to the team on Ward 2a at the Great North Children’s Hospital recently! The team asked us to donate these wonderfully versatile pads to help with many of their patients on the ward… As patients on Ward 2a have respiratory problems, this can be caused by a huge variety of reasons and conditions, so the patients other symptoms vary greatly from one child to another. The gel pads we have donated will help in so many way, here are a few examples:

  • Babies who are patients on the ward spend the majority of their time in their cots, and to help them be comfortable the staff can use the gel pads (in their lovely soft covers) to help put their legs up, have under their arm, help them to stay on their side etc…
  • They are perfect to rest a head on for a little nap
  • They can be heated or cooled to help with aches and pains which may arise from being stuck in bed, or for example children with conditions that affect their nerves often like them on their feet…
  • A problem for long term patients on the ward are pressure sores… these gel pads can relieve that pressure and avoid children getting the nasty sores, which in turn can cause ore problems!

We were so thrilled with how excited the staff were when we dropped off this donation – we know it is going to make a massive difference to a lot of children.