27th September 2017


Greg Johnston

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Go Green for Evie

Today, the 27th September, marks the 2-year anniversary of the day Evie grew her angel wings. Although it has been 2 years since she left us we miss her desperately every single day.

As Evie’s favourite colour was green, each year we ask all our supporters to join us in going green for the day. It has been lovely of you all to join us in wearing something green for Evie today as well as turning Facebook green with all your profile pictures! We also asked you to send us photographs of you, your friends, family and colleagues wearing green – we have included some in this post, thank you again to everyone who went green for Evie!!

If you can go green for the day it would be great if you could spread Evie’s story to those you meet. She continues to be an inspiration to so many every day and it makes us incredibly proud to see her influence continue to grow.

Thank you as always for your love and support,

Greg and Jill x