12th April 2023

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Greg Johnston

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Imogen’s Story

This year we were proud to remember Imogen at our Candlelit Walk – following the event Imogen’s parents have bravely shared their story, and told us how Team Evie supported them. Thank you so much to Beth, Imogen’s mum for sharing this with us… here is Imogen’s story:

Our pregnancy journey with Imogen was very difficult, we knew from early on that my placenta was insufficient and not working properly. We had 4 weekly scans under fetal medicine and Imogen was diagnosed with fetal growth restriction. At 26 weeks and 1 day our beautiful Imogen was born weighing 510g (1lb 2oz).

Imogen spent the 1st 4 months of life in the NICU, we then moved to a respiratory ward where we received the little explorer kit from team Evie. Imogen loved the little puppet in the pack as did her big sister Charlotte! On the ward there was also a book trolley where we could get books to read to Imogen, she loved it when we read to her. There was also a family room with the ability to store food and to have hot beverages. Having these things available allowed us to feel a little bit “normal” while trying to navigate this medical parenting life.

We got Imogen home for 3 whole weeks before we ended up bouncing back into hospital due to Imogen developing bronchiolitis and struggling to breathe. 2 weeks after being admitted Imogen wasn’t getting any better due to severe reflux and poor feeding and it was decided she needed surgery to have a peg and fundoplication to stop the reflux. We moved round to PICU.

On the 4th of November 2022 our world shattered, after spending a week in PICU and due to complications of surgery our beautiful, feisty Imogen passed away in our arms. The pain of losing a child is completely indescribable, no words can comprehend the pain and suffering we are experiencing. Imogen was a true fighter and never gave up, she was truly feisty and everyone who ever met her fell in love with her amazing personality. To have a charity that understands and supports families going through these experiences is truly amazing and has a huge impact on your journey.

After Imogen passed we were given the chance to take hand and foot prints with the invisible ink provided by team Evie as well as receiving a memory box. These are items we will cherish forever of our beautiful girl.

We contacted team Evie following the loss of Imogen after we found a team Evie leaflet in the memory box provided. The leaflet was about a stay away which we thought was a lovely idea. Team Evie were absolutely fantastic nothing was too big or small of an ask, we were able to stay in a cabin and spend some time away from everything remembering our little Imogen.

Team Evie are amazing at everything they do, without them and their help we wouldn’t of had the resources or chance to do these things with Imogen. We will forever be eternally grateful.