27th February 2023

Showcase Saturdays

Greg Johnston

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Jessica’s Story

Our episode today brings you the story of Jessica – written by her mum Fiona. She sent us this really lovely message to share their journey and how Team Evie have helped:

I had a completely normal pregnancy with Jessica, all scans were fine, so it was a little surprise when she was born and her left foot was not as expected. And so our story with hospitals began! Jessica was put in a full leg cast the day she was born, had her first operation when she was only 5 months old.

Gradually we realised there were more concerns other than just her leg – her bowel and bladder too. Slowly the full picture was revealed that she has spina bifida occulta, tethered spinal cord, bowel and bladder not working fully to name a few.

At 4 years old she was admitted into the RVI for surgery on her bowel. This is when we first became aware of the amazing support of Team Evie. Just outside her room on the ward was one of the portable libraries provided by Team Evie. It was full of such lovely books and Jessica spent so much time going through all the books. What was really lovely too though was her little sister Abby was also able to use the library when she was visiting. They both have always loved books so it was just the perfect way of keeping them both entertained during some long hours in hospital. It was also lovely for us all as a family to read the books, her granny and grandpa could pick books to read to them too on visits.

Since then Jessica has gone on to have numerous hospital stays – she had her 20th operation just before Christmas after not long turning 9 years old

Each time we head onto a ward, she finds out where the Team Evie library is and picks a new book. It’s all helped Jessica have a really positive spin on going into hospital and helps to bring a little normality to strange days on the ward.

We’ll all always be grateful for the libraries, the amazing books, the smile you bring to my girls. Massive thanks to Team Evie. We always talk about Evie when in hospital. We may never have met her but she’s had a big impression on us and, through Team Evie, helped so many. Thank you