14th May 2018

Raising Awareness

Greg Johnston

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‘Let’s talk about death baby, let’s talk about you and me’

***UPDATE TO ARTICLE – Border TV coverage included***

We are really proud to be apart of this very important event being held at Wild Zucchini’s Bistro in Cockermouth tomorrow…

The reality of British culture is that we don’t talk about death, we don’t like to even think about death. And that isn’t our fault, it is something that has become part of what we do in this country. (someone suggested to us the other day that it is due to the World Wars; with such devastating loss on such a huge scale we learned to not show our emotions and had to move on quickly to keep up the war effort – which makes total sense…)

Dying Matters Week is happening this week from the 14th – 20th May and aims to get us all talking about that very difficult subject. We are all faced with it at some point, whether it is the deaths of our friends, family…or even our own death. We simply need to start accepting it as part of life. And we need to talk about it.

Greg is one of the guest speakers at the ‘Let’s talk about death baby, let’s talk about you and me’ event being held at Wild Zucchini’s from 10am tomorrow, in association with Dying Matters and Child Bereavement UK. He will tell Evie’s story, talk about setting up Team Evie, and discuss the challenges faced by bereaved parents. It would be great to see you there if you are able to attend – it is sure to be a very interesting event. Yes, it may be emotional, challenging, even tough to listen to at times – but we need to make a change.