National Nurses Day 2021 – Julie’s Story

This year for National Nurses Day we wanted to share the story of one of the amazing nurses who looked after Evie during her time in hospital and has supported Team Evie every step of the way ever since…

We met so many incredible nurses during the 6 months we spent in hospital with Evie. Many different types of people all with an incredible amount of skill and care. But, as is human nature we connected in a deeper way with some of the wonderful people who we shared countless hours sat with at Evie’s side. One of these people who we took to immediately and hold incredibly close to our hearts is Julie…

When she walked through the door the first evening we met her she said to us “I am going to look after your little girl like I would look after my own…” an immediately we felt more calm and happy in her care. That one simple sentence meant the world to us. And Julie was true to her word, she took Evie into her heart and cared for her incredibly – spending many long nights sitting chatting to her on the night shift…

But Julie’s story is even more special. When Evie was in hospital in 2015 Julie had not long finished Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and had just begun follow up treatments for her cancer. It was an incredibly hard and long road for Julie to overcome her cancer, but in September 2020 she reached the end of her treatment! The medicine she has been treated with for the last decade has given her terrible bone pain as a side effect which made it tough to keep active. Julie told us her doctor said she had to wait 6 months after her treatment finished and then she should ‘go for it’ and boy has she!

In a bid to feel health and better Julie has been begun her weight loss journey to celebrate the end of her treatment. She sent us a really lovely card to tell us the news:

“I am on a weight loss journey to celebrate the end of my cancer treatment. So far I have lost 25lbs and I decided at the start I want to help charities pound for pound and you, my dear friends, are the recipients of my first £25. You inspire me every step. Always for Evie x”

We are so truly touched by this and so proud of Julie for her achievements – not only in getting through her treatment but taking such action to celebrate and doing an amazing job. We are so glad she is feeling positive, enthusiastic and healthier!

Well done Julie, you are amazing x