Nectar Parent Bags

Here we are presenting the latest batch of Parent Bags to the Nectar Team!

When a child is involved in an accident or taken seriously ill their parents drop everything to be by their side as they are rushed into hospital. For many parents this can mean they are hundreds of miles from home with none of their belongings with them, adding to the stress of the situation.

Every family whose child is transported by the specialist Nectar team are given one of our bags, which contains the bare essentials to get through a night in hospital. We have had so much positive feedback from the parents who have received the bags who have told us they have been a Godsend.

The reality is that anyone with children could end up in this situation, being rushed into hospital with their child completely out of the blue. The bags provide such a comfort to families in their time of need, we are incredibly proud to provide them.

If you would like to help a family by donating a bag for only £5 head to our website and you can make a massive difference to a family!