1st November 2017

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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New batch of memory books to Ward 2a at the RVI

We were delighted to present yet more memory books to the team on the Respiratory Ward at the RVI! Evie spent a few weeks on the ward before she made it home for a short while, so we always think fondly of the guys on the ward and feel a special connection to the families who spend time there!

When a family have a new baby it is incredibly exciting and special to mark all the ‘first’ moments, taking lots of photographs and logging them in a baby record book or family album. This means that the memories are kept safe and the family have the book to look back on over the years to remember those special moments… When a new baby is poorly and stay in hospital for a long time this is something which can be missed. The parents are, rightly so, so focused on their child’s treatment and getting them better that the memories are often not recorded.

However… thanks to our memory books, the Polaroid film we supply and the loving, caring approach of the wonderful team on Ward 2 this is not a problem any more! When families are in the ward long term, which is often the case with respiratory babies suffering chronic lung disease, the staff make sure that they get pictures of all the important moments, print them off and they are added to the memory book for the family! Therefore the family have that all important resource, which they can look back on with their child when they are older and better!

We always aim to fill the gaps, make a difference and solve problems with the work we do with Team Evie, and we are so proud to hear back from the staff and parents that our memory books do just that!