New ‘bereavement’ books for SCBU at West Cumberland Hospital

We are really pleased to have donated some very special story books to the Special Care Baby Unit at West Cumberland Hospital…

The death of a child is unbearable for a family to face. The adults in the family, who may already have experience of death, face emotions, grief and trauma which is unimaginable… but for siblings of a child that has died it can be incredibly upsetting, confusing and devastating.

Although children are often happy to discuss death when they hear of someone that has died, when it is someone they love, or a sibling they have been expecting the arrival of children are placed in such an impossible position. To help in this situation, to explain death and how/why it happens, there are many different story books. Each of the books tackles it in a different way, using varying analogies, members of the family, animals etc.

We have now provided a wide selection of these story books to the team at SCBU in Whitehaven to help them when supporting children on the unit who experience loss.

We hope that this can help children get a better understanding of what is happening, and in turn better understand their feeling at an incredibly difficult, life changing moment for them.