6th November 2017

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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New sensory equipment to Ward 2a at the RVI

We were delighted to deliver some new sensory toys to the ward – including some calming colour changing projector cubes which play relaxing music, and some amazing disco balls that spin and shine ever changing coloured circles all over a room! The toys will be enjoyed so much by the children on the respiratory ward.

When Evie was in hospital there was a real shortage of sensory equipment, which is why we are passionate about providing this type of equipment to the wards we support. When Evie got a chance to have a light or projector at her bed space she loved it, and she adored the sensory room during her time on Ward 23. We are so proud that through Team Evie we can make sure that children who enjoy sensory stimulation and also benefit medically from it have access to suitable equipment!

We love going back in to Ward 2, not only because Evie spent time there and the guys looks after her so well, but because we get to hear about how much the children love the stuff we donate!