20th October 2021

Support in the community

Greg Johnston

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New shelving provided to Special Baby Group

We are incredibly proud to support the Special Babies group run by the Community Nurses in West Cumbria! We purchased all the equipment to help start the group and we are incredibly proud of how amazing the group is and how much the families that attend get out of it…

We didn’t realise however, until last week, that they were struggling for storage space to keep all the equipment we bought for them in order, safe and easy to access for the group! It is great that they need so much stuff and shows just how successful the group is becoming… but we couldn’t let them struggle on with no way to organise the stuff!

Therefore we bought them a new shelving unit and hey presto with Andrews construction skills and Emily’s tidying it looks great!!!!

We are really pleased we could again help out the group and can’t wait to get along to one of the play sessions soon and keep supporting them!