1st November 2018

Support in the community

Greg Johnston

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New toys and equipment to the West Cumbria Special Babies Group

We were thrilled yesterday to attend the Special Baby Group Halloween Party!!

We have supported the group by providing all the play equipment since the beginning, but as more children attend they needed more toys and equipment, so that is what they got!…

The group now has many more toys including a slide, a see-saw, pushchairs with dollies, a ball pool overflowing with balls… it now has baby changing facilities in the room as well! There is also a blow up mattress, which was designed as a safe, comfortable place for the tiny babies to lay down… but very quickly became a trampoline yesterday!!

We are very proud to support the group and families in our community who care for their poorly babies and children at home. The playgroup is a safe place where parents of children who may have ongoing chronic conditions, be oxygen dependant, have been born prematurely, or may just be more vulnerable than other children, to meet others who understand. Parents don’t need to answer questions about why their child has medical equipment with them, or feed differently to other children, and they don;t need to explain how difficult parenting a child with additional medical needs is, as everyone who attends already knows. The group is run by the community nurses (and led by our very own Maria Morton, who helped us to look after Evie at home) so is even more of a safe place which reassures parents.

The group is a wonderful success and all the children and parents who attend get a lot from it. New members are always welcome and you can find out more by visiting the groups Facebook page

The group runs each month on the last Wednesday of the month and is held at a unit in Haigh Industrial Estate in Whitehaven.