5th February 2018


Greg Johnston

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Why not join the ’50 for February’ challenge?

We are now 5 days in to February and there is still LOADS of time to get involved in the 50 for February challenge!

One of our lovely supporters Helen got in touch to let us know that her children Charlotte and Alexander were taking on the challenge… little did we know what an amazing job they were doing – they are taking part in some ‘Fit n Flexi’ classes during the month and have invited lots of friends along to support them and join in! What a lovely idea and you can see from the photographs they sent us that they look amazing while dong it in their green Alan Lamb t-shirts!!

It is really simple to get involved in the challene… all you need to do is:

  • get in touch to tell us you are taking part (via our social media or our contact page)
  • come up with your idea and raise a minimum of £50
  • donate the money you raise via our donate page
  • you have completed the challenge and will be entered in to the prize draw!

So, what are you waiting for? It is our first every £50 for February…get involved and help us raise lots!