23rd February 2017

Transportation to Hospital

Greg Johnston

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Parents Bags to Nectar Team

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are supporting the Nectar team!! (North East Children’s Transport And Retrieval)

The team collect children from hospitals from West Cumbria to the Borders to North Yorkshire and take them to the Great North Children’s Hospital. Their specialist ambulance means children who are, in some cases, very poorly can be safely moved to where the best care is available by a specialist dedicated team!

A lot of the team used to work at PICU at the RVI and looked after Evie so we are delighted to be able to help out.

Our first donation is 100 parents bags. When a child is rushed to hospital there is often not time for a parent to gather any belongings to take with them. We can vouch for this as it happened to us with Evie. The bags include essential items to get parents through their first night in hospital:

– a toothbrush/toothpaste
– shampoo/conditioner
– shower gel
– deodorant
– hair bobble
– a flannel
– a comb

And the Nectar team are adding other items to the bag so parents have a snack and a drink. This first batch of bags will last a few months before we supply the next load!

We had a tour of the amazing facilities from the lovely Lyn, and while we were there donating the bags Alan Lamb introduced himself to Fudge, the Nectar and GNCH mascot, a lovely friendly giraffe!

We will be supporting the team in various ways, more news in the future, but we are delighted to have yet another link with some incredible people so we can continue to make a difference to poorly children and their families!