12th September 2017

Support in the community

Greg Johnston

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Portable SATs monitor to the Community Team

Nearly two years ago when we started fundraising with Team Evie our aim was to raise £1500 to be able to buy a heart monitor for a family looking after their child at home (as Anne Mckain had for us with Evie).

Evie’s Gran and Granda said that if we could raise enough money to buy the monitor they would match it and buy another one… At the time the team didn’t need the second monitor but…

The fabulous Maria Morton got in touch recently to say there was a little one who desperately needed a monitor who was being looked after at home, and Evie’s Gran and Granda, true to their word have donated the money to buy the monitor which has today been donated to the family who desperately needed it!

Here they are presenting the monitor to Maria!

Since setting that initial challenge of raising £1500 we have gone on to raise over £100,000 to help sick children and their families… thank you to Evie’s Gran and Granda for their generosity and sticking to their promise!