1st March 2016

Support in the community

Greg Johnston

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Portable SATs monitors for the West Cumbria Community Nursing Team

When a family has a poorly child at home it is very stressful for them. There are lots of constant worries, especially with a cardiac/respiratory baby, as to how well they are breathing, their heart rate and their oxygen saturations.

Through providing these monitors we have hopefully lessened some of that worry as families can have a constant monitor on how their child is doing, enabling them to act quickly if something is not right.

On the 6th August last year Evie’s SATs monitor showed us that something wasn’t right, and after a phone cal to our community nurse (the lovely Maria – pictured) we headed straight to hospital. Evie collapsed in the car and we just made it to hospital in time for the superb team at West Cumberland to help Evie. Us getting to hospital on time was all down to early detection, thanks to the SATs monitor.

Thank you to the contractors at Sellafield for their very kind donation which paid for the monitors, they will make a huge difference to many families in West Cumbria, enabling them to have their poorly child at home safely.