1st November 2015

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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Purchase of 4 iPads for Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we bought the first batch of iPads for the intensive care unit in the RVI. The iPads will do so much good it is unbelievable. They will help:

Babies: with apps which will help their cognitive development

Young children: with audio books and exciting apps to keep them entertained when they are stuck in bed for a long time!

Older children: with audio books, exciting apps, Internet access and educational resources…

Parents: while their child sleeps they can enjoy some apps such as puzzles, iBooks and much more to help them have a little respite in what is a very intense and stressful time.

Siblings of poorly children: they are often overlooked and are in the ward very bored and worried. Having an iPad to play with will enable the parents to focus their attention on the poorly child in the knowledge their other child is entertained!

There will also be a selection of music on the iPads. Our lovely friends the nurses pointed out that all children have the Disney CD on, yet that isn’t what they hear at home… So with a wide variety of music provided they can hear familiar music, even when unconscious. This will go a long way to helping the children be comfortable and hopefully a little happier. This idea was suggested by the fantastic staff in the RVI and we are only too happy to begin to give something back through Team Evie.