17th November 2017


Greg Johnston

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Renovation of the Family Room at the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle

So… after over 12 months of planning, designing and ticking all the boxes we needed to… today we can unveil the new Family Room on the Children’s Ward at Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle provided by Team Evie!!!!

We are so incredibly thrilled with this project. We know all too well the importance of a family room and how incredibly valuable they are to parents when their child is in hospital long term, or they are having an operation. In the 6 months we spent in hospital with Evie we used the family room every single day – and each of the 14 times she went to the operating theatre we sat in the family room waiting for her to get back. It is an incredibly difficult time for a parent when their child is having an operation, the worrying and watching the clock – anything to distract them for just a moment is vital. Being able to make a cup of tea or coffee without having to worry about pestering the ward staff.. it is all the little things that make a big difference…

We have transformed the room from a dark and depressing place to hopefully a home from home for parents as you can see in the video!

We want to say a huge thank you to Eddie Shimmings for providing us with the coffee table and side table for the room, it was incredibly kind of them!

Thanks so much to Julie Fragouli, Wadr Manager,  for appearing in the video and all her support, Debbie for coming along to open the room and appearing in the video and to ITV BorderThat’s Cumbria , Kelly Pattison from News & Star / The Cumberland News and BBC Cumbria for covering the story today!

The ward at Carlisle is incredibly busy and serves 1000s of parents each year… the lasting huge impact this project will have is incredible – thank you all for helping us to make this happen!