22nd March 2018

Raising Awareness

Greg Johnston

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Say their name 2018 – How creatively can you write ‘Evie’?

As we have mentioned many times before, one huge worry for a bereaved parent is that other people, even friends and family stop talking about their baby, or feel cautious of speaking their name. It is vitally important for every parent to hear their child’s name being spoken…

Therefore, every year in the week running up to Evies birthday (March 30th, next Friday) set you lovely supporters the challenge of coming up with creative ways of writing Evie’s name – and sharing them with us! We are again asking you to take on the challenge this year, and last year is going to take some beating!!!

To give you some inspiration here is the video we made from a selection of the efforts you shared with us last year… good luck everyone, we can’t wait to see what ideas you have this year! You can share the photos to our Facebook page, message us or email us, whatever is easiest for you!