25th November 2017

Showcase Saturdays

Greg Johnston

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Showcase Saturday – Episode #3

This week in our third episode, we bring you the story of Gray and his family, written by Gray’s mam Danielle! We are so glad that we were able to help Gray and his family, and it is all thanks to you supporters for the funds you raise! Here is Gray’s story:

“On the 7th July 2017 we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world. We were so happy that we had a boy as we have a girl and didn’t know what we were getting. I remember a friend of mine telling me years ago if you get a girl and a boy that old midwives called it a millionaire’s family. Well, we got ours and we couldn’t have been happier! Elsie our daughter was over the moon as were all our family.

It wasn’t an easy birth, it was 15 hours long and ended up as a forceps delivery but all 8lb 15 half ounces of our baby boy entered the world. He was taken away for the paediatric doctors to take some mucus off his chest as he was bringing a lot up and was choking. This was done a second time and all seemed well. A midwife said he just seemed to be a baby with lot of mucus.

We got home on 8th July, it was such a happy day! Gray was fine (well to us he seemed ok) I was breastfeeding but finding it so tiring as he was feeding all the time, but at the same time he was getting so frustrated. The following day I decided to put him on formula as I didn’t want us both to be stressed out, so on the 9th July we gave him a bottle of formula. That’s when our lives were turned upside down…

Within 2 minutes of giving him his bottle he went blue, gasping for air. We took him straight over to Sunderland A & E where the staff were amazing and did lots of tests to try to diagnose what was happening. We were finally told that we were being taken through to the RVI where specialists would examine Gray. We arrived at RVI and Gray was admitted to ward 35 (SCBU) where he was examined and that’s when we were told he was TOF baby and he would need an operation straight away. My world fell apart as the doctor went through the complications that could occur and the aftercare that Gray may need. But it had to be done. Signing that piece of paper to give permission was the hardest thing I have ever done ; giving someone the go ahead to cut open my new-born baby.

At 3.20pm on the 10th July Gray went for his operation. Me and Kris were so emotional, in fact we were uncontrollable – but something as a parent just comes over you to be brave and strong and that most certainly come over me. The next stop after his operation was PICU. That’s where Team Evie came in…

What a fantastic, utterly amazing charity! To us as parents it’s the little things that meant a lot. The parent packs when you have no toiletries because you have been whipped through to hospital not knowing you going to be there more than a day, the blankets they supply, the iPads they supply for kids to watch while spending days, weeks and some months in hospital…

We found the mobile library Team Evie supply great for our daughter when she visited – she loves the library, so this was a god send for us. Elsie is 6, so spending 2 hrs in intensive care can become a little boring, but thanks to Team Evie that wasn’t the case.

My favourite is the scrap book: We mentioned to the lovely Emma, Gray’s nurse, that we were going to get some photos printed off and put them in an album and, suddenly, she came back with one of the scrap books that Team Evie provide. Some people may not want to remember their time in PICU, or hospital for that matter, but me and Kris do as this was Gray’s first 2 weeks in the world. We want to remember how brave and how much of a fighter he was, and still to this day is.

Team Evie you are remarkable with what you have achieved so far. Kris, Elsie, Gray and I are so grateful for you making what was the worst time of our lives bearable. Your work for us parents is amazing. Along with the surgeons and the nurses we are eternally grateful to you.

Last but not least Evie your legacy lives on through those your charity help and will do for many years. Thank you Team Evie.

Gray’s mam and dad x”

Thank you so much Danielle for writing this weeks episode, we know it must have been difficult to re-live all those moments!

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