16th December 2017

Showcase Saturdays

Greg Johnston

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Showcase Saturday – Episode #6

This week in our final Showcase Saturday before we take a little break over Christmas we have Bella’s story written by her mum Sarah:

Bella was born was a happy and healthy baby on 23rd August 2012 and grew into a toddler full of fun and mischief. When Bella was around 3 years old she started getting chest infections every 5/6 weeks, which were always successfully treated with antibiotics from our GP until December 2016. In December 2016, Bella was admitted to the children’s ward at the Cumberland Infirmary via ambulance twice within a period of two weeks. On both occasions she was working very hard at breathing and needed help with oxygen. On the second admission, she had pneumonia and was really very poorly.

For a while the doctors didn’t think she’d be home for Christmas, but on the 23rd December she was discharged and we were able to spend Christmas at home as a family.

Bella has since been admitted to the children’s ward a further three times this year in June, September and most recently November. Each time she has the same problem, breathing difficulties caused by deep routed chest infections. Bella was referred to the RVI for a CT scan, where they found an abnormality with her right lung. She is currently being treated daily with steroids and medicine, with regular visits to her consultants from the Carlisle Infirmary and the RVI. The consultants are ‘hopeful’ that within two years she may be able to lead a normal and healthy life again.

Until then, more visits back to the ward are likely when things get too much for her little body to handle.

When Bella gets hospitalised, our family life is turned upside down. There is no one more affected than Bella’s big brother, Joe. He not only has to deal with seeing his sister taken away in an ambulance, but with mummy not being at home and the routine of family life turned on its head. Thanks to Team Evie, Joe is able to come and read books to Bella or watch a DVD with her on the TV and DVD you donated. They help them to enjoy their time together, and make it a bit easier for Joe to cope with the situation.

The newly renovated parent’s room is just wonderful. I had a few moments where hospital life got a bit too much and by going and sitting in there I was able to have 10 minutes to clear my head and get my emotions together. The work you do is truly amazing and the Brack family thank you from the bottom of our hearts as you have made our worst times so much easier to deal with.

Thank you Team Evie,

The Brack Family

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