27th January 2018

Showcase Saturdays

Greg Johnston

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Showcase Saturday – Episode #9

This week’s Showcase Saturday come from Kelly, Eve’s mum. We had only been providing the Nectar bags for a short time when Kelly got in touch following their time in hospital and her words always stick with us to remind us of the impact the items, particularly the bobble in Kelly’s case, have for families! Thank you so much Kelly for writing Eve’s story…and all the support you have given Team Evie since you discovered us with the parent bag…

“Eve started reception in September 2016. Each morning she would eagerly get her uniform on and eat breakfast so she could get to school. 

On November 16, when all she wanted to do was drink water and wouldn’t get ready I thought the novelty must’ve worn off – until she was sick at 8am and I had to accept that my little girl was going to miss a day at school. Little did we know then that our bright, bubbly, beautiful little girl would be on life support fighting for her very survival by midnight…

Eve was drowsy throughout the day, but had held down a little bit of food. Yet by mid-afternoon she had a fierce rash like nothing I had ever seen before. Most of the spots disappeared when we did the glass test – but we couldn’t be sure of all, so we called the surgery. Our lives were turned upside down when at tea time the GP referred Eve to the children’s ward at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and within hours they were diagnosing suspected Meningococcal septicaemia (meningitis).

With no paediatric beds at the Carlisle hospital Eve was put into ITU until the Nectar team could come and get her and take her to PICU at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle. She was taken there at around 5am.

It was upon arrival in the PICU family waiting room that I – on my own until Mike got there via car – was given one of the Team Evie parent bags, and a toy Nectar giraffe for Eve. I hadn’t slept and was in my pyjamas. In the green drawstring bag were basic toiletries – all the things you don’t have but need when you are rushed into hospital. The simple hair bobble and comb helped me tie my unkempt hair back and feel a little more human in the bustling hospital. Later Mike and I used the toiletries when we were given a room at Crawford House as Eve lay in PICU receiving treatment. The bag and items inside may seem such a small thing,  but the impact was huge, knowing that someone was thinking of you when you couldn’t think clearly yourself. Eve still has her cuddly giraffe today, and knows what a friend he is to her. And the Team Evie bag is used for Eve’s swimming kit too.

I’m happy to say that Eve was well enough to return to Carlisle hospital within two days of the emergency and continued treatment for over a week, but only missed only eight days of school. 

It was also confirmed that she had contracted Men B.

Just three weeks after her life threatening episode Eve went on to star as Mary in her school nativity. 

Today, just over a year on, Eve remains under the care of Dr Banda and is doing remarkably well, with no major concerns.

We have gone on to donate to Team Evie, in particular to the book trolleys (as Eve is an avid reader herself) to help other children who find themselves in hospital and spread the word whenever we can. 

Thank you Team Evie.”

As Kelly mentioned, the Pattisons have gone on to be really important supporters of Team Evie and we really appreciate their support. If you would like to support families like Eve’s then you can by donating a Parent Bag here