15th January 2018

Support in the community

Greg Johnston

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Special Baby Group in Carlisle Community launching!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are now supporting the start of a new special baby group!

The group, based in the Springboard Centre on Orton Road in Carlisle and starts tomorrow (January 16th!). The lovely community nursing team will be running the group using all the toys and equipment we have purchased, providing a safe place for parents to take their vulnerable children – as well as a good chance for parents to meet others who understand that their child needs that extra bit of care. One of the challenging recurring issues for parents of children with added needs such as heart conditions, or who require oxygen, is that people ask lots of questions – at the special baby group they are amongst friends and professionals who understand and don’t need to ask lots of questions all the time!

The team were thrilled with all the equipment when we delivered it today and could not wait to get started with the group – we are sure that with their enthusiasm, energy and big smiles the group will be a storming success!

We have supported the Special Baby group started in Whitehaven by Maria Morton since the beginning and visited many times to see the tremendous impact this environment can have on the children and their parents and we are truly thrilled that we are able, thanks to the fundraising and generosity of you wonderful people, to help set up another group to help lots and lots of parents!