27th June 2018

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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Supply of mobile phone chargers delivered to Ward 2a

We were delighted to donate a selection of mobile phone chargers to the team on Ward 2a at the Great North Children’s Hospital during a recent visit with our patron Katy Daley-Mclean MBE.

When we were in hospital with Evie we arrived at the ward early one morning to find a lady who was very stressed. Her son had been involved in an accident and rushed to intensive care through the night. She had obviously rushed to be with him at the hospital, and when she got there she realised she had not picked up her phone charger, and her phone battery had run out. She frantically asked us if we have a Nokia charger…which we didn’t. We felt awful not being able to help the lady…

Now, thanks to the boxes full of chargers (every brand under the sun!) this will not happen again, there will always be an emergency supply so parents can get in touch with loved ones when they need to.

The supply to Ward 2 will also help the patients, who can sometimes be rushed in to hospital for care on the ward and may forgot some of their things – a teenager with no phone charger is not a good thing!

We are so proud that we can supply such items as the chargers, as they really make a huge impact on the time spent in hospital by families.