22nd November 2017


Greg Johnston

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Thank You to Year 8 at Keswick School!

Evie’s dad and Team Evie Chief Executive Greg returned to Keswick School last week, 14 years after leaving, to hold an assembly with the Year 8 children to thank them for their fundraising efforts!

The Year 8 children, who’s Head of Year Mr. Marc Baillie is a life long friend of Greg, decided to raise money for Team Evie, helping sick children and their families from our region. The 6th Form prefects had presented the charity to the children, along with the idea of the bake sale, and they all worked together to do a fantastic job! The children raised a staggering £468 for Team Evie – from selling cakes!! What an incredible effort and achievement!

Greg held an assembly with the children to talk about the work we do with Team Evie, explaining that the Year 8 children would directly be helping children their age, their friends, even their family… the children were a fantastic audience and even participated in some top secret discussions to help plan some ideas with Team Evie that we hope to announce in the coming months!

Following the presentation Greg had this to say:

“It was brilliant to be back at Keswick School after all these years! I absolutely loved my time at Keswick, and I am really proud to have gone to the school. What really struck me after losing Evie was the incredible support I found from those people I went to school with.. the ethos and environment of the school was so positive and nurturing that everyone feels like family, a community – the friends I made at Keswick School instantly offered support when I needed it the most and it blew me away. I feel so proud to be part of the Keswick School community and the fundraising of the Year 8 children again reinforces that…what a wonderful place, with wonderful pupils and wonderful staff! I really hope we can work with the school on events in the future!”