12th January 2018


Greg Johnston

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Thank you to Out of Eden!

We would like to thank the incredibly generous team at Out of Eden for their support in supplying lots of lovely items for our next batch of parent bags for the NECTAR team!

The supplies are really high quality toiletries which will be so comforting to the parents who receive a bag when they are rushed to hospital with the poorly child.

Janet and the team did not want any publicity from the support they have given us, which tells you everything you need to know about how selfless and kind they are – we are really thrilled to have their support and can’t wait to deliver the next batch to Dominic and the team in a couple of weeks!

Each bag we supply to parents with the NECTAR team makes a huge difference, and it is only down to the kindness and generosity of people like Janet, and you our wonderful supporters that we are able to provide the service. We have had so many messages about the bags and the difference they make to parents who are focused solely on the care of their little ones, and then realise at some point that they are (up to) 100s of miles away from home with none of their possessions. Here are some quotes from parents about the bags:

“Your presents, welcome bag and card made our stay. It helped us deal with missing our Christmas and watching Betsy struggle on a ventilator.”

“Having had my son rushed to the PICU at the RVI I received a lovely pack with everything you would need at short notice thank you so much!”

“Our daughter and we had first hand support from Team Evie just last month when our daughter Eve was rushed to PICU at the RVI.  Our little green TE bag was a godsend…the bags are a lovely, practical token. Help at hand at a time when your mind, emotions and energies are completely consumed by the magnitude of the unenviable medical emergency you face and when you think of nothing else apart from your child.”

Thank you so much to Out of Eden for supporting our work.

If you would like to pay for one of the parent bags we donate you can by visiting our store