17th December 2018

12 Days of Christmas

Greg Johnston

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 4 – Polaroid Photo Paper to Ward 2a!

For Day 4 of our ’12 Days of Christmas’ we are proud to donate more of one of our long-term commitments to families who spend time on Ward 2a at the RVI.

When a baby is born with a medical condition that requires long term care before discharge, or indeed a baby or child is admitted to hospital and stays on the ward long-term a family faces many challenges. Being away from home is very difficult for many reasons; not having your possessions, showing your baby their home, missing out on spending time as a family in familiar surroundings…

One thing that many new parents do with their newborn is their record of their child’s ‘firsts’ – keeping photographs and cuttings of their important moments such as ‘my first clothes’, ‘my first bath’ etc… to make sure families in hospital can still do this we provide memory books for families on the ward (as well as PICU), and with the use of the Polaroid camera provided on the ward families can record their special moments.

We are delighted to donate more Polaroid photo paper to help families continue to record their precious memories with their children, despite their long stay in hospital.