20th December 2018

12 Days of Christmas

Greg Johnston

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 7 – Hair Washing Tray to Ward 2a

Here we are again for Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas, today we are donating an elephant’s ear to Ward 2a…

Yes, you read that correctly! Affectionately known by staff as an elephants ear (I’m sure you can work out why if you look at the photograph…), these hair washing trays are a Godsend for patients in hospital. Ward 2a didn’t have one of these and were unable to get one, meaning it was virtually impossible to wash the children’s hair during their time stuck in bed on the ward…so we stepped in! As not all patients are able to make it out of bed into a shower, these handy trays enable staff to wash a child’s hair while they lie in bed, perfect!

Washing your hair everyday is one of those luxuries that we can often take for granted and you don’t realise how mice it is until you are unable to do it… imagine if you were in hospital for weeks, even months and weren’t able to give your hair a really good wash and feel all nice and clean?! Well now the children on Ward 2a don’t need to worry about that, as the ward have their very own elephant’s ear!

As with all the donations we make through Team Evie, it is all thanks to you our wonderful supporters, and the fantastic fundraising you do for us! So, from all the children this donation will help, thank you!