23rd February 2017

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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Thermal Mugs to Carlisle Children’s Ward

It was brilliant to take some non-spill thermal mugs to the children’s ward at Carlisle hospital! It may seem a simple donation but…

Imagine for a moment that your child is ill in hospital… you are by their side all day (14 hours a day we sat with Evie – they wouldn’t let us stay through the night!) and facing many challenging situations, supporting your child, cheering them up, having to hold their hand as they receive treatment… now, how much would you like a cup of tea or coffee? Well the reality is, due to health and safety you can’t have a hot drink in a hospital ward. That Great British staple when you are feeling low, a cuppa…

Well, now parents at Carlisle don’t need to worry, there are 50 new mugs waiting to be used on the ward!!! So there is no problem having a hot drink, or wondering if there is a free thermal mug, there always will be.

Problem solved.