13th August 2018

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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Thermos Mugs for use on PICU

We are delighted to announce our latest new project…something very personal to us which we are thrilled to have helped happen!

During our time in hospital with Evie in PICU we were unable to have a cuppa by her bedside… this meant that we took turns to be away from our critically ill daughter to grab a coffee. This was, very understandably, because it was not safe to have a hot drink in an intensive care environment where emergency situations happen.

When we have had a stressful day, what is it that makes us feel a little better? It is a cuppa, whether you are a tea or coffee drinker. So when a child is involved in an accident, or taken critically ill, and is rushed to intensive care, it is fair to say the parents will be having a very stressful time. Upon arrival in the hospital we wanted them to be able to sit next to their child and have a hot drink, to calm some of their anxieties and worries and help them get their head around the situation…

So we are therefore delighted that, working alongside our friends in PICU, we are now able to change this. We donated the first batch of our fancy new metal, Team Evie branded, thermos mugs to the ward. Every family that is admitted to the unit with their child will be given their own mug to use. This is such a huge change for families and will make a MASSIVE difference to those stressful moments for parents.

We hope that the families we provide mugs for will benefit so much that they would pay for another family to be given a mug when admitted – and they can do this by texting MUGS05 £5 to 70070

You can also purchase a mug of your own by visiting our online store

We have already received some lovely feedback from parents using the mugs: Thank you  TeamEvie I have been in PICU in the RVI with my son for 1 week now , we are frequent visitors here and I am so happy to see  TeamEviehave helped change the rules on having hot drinks on the ward and the  TeamEvie mugs you have left for families are perfect so I can keep my eyes open with a coffee while sitting my by son’s bedside, the little things matter!