10th July 2017


Greg Johnston

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Welcome to the Team – Dominic Manning

Over the coming months we will be making some changes to how Team Evie is run. We are delighted to now have in place our Advisory Panel! The panel is made up of four wonderful professionals who are experts in their field – covering all four areas we support, ambulance transportation, a child’s stay in hospital, care in the community and supporting bereaved parents. Our Advisory Panel will ensure that every penny we spend has the biggest impact it can to help sick children and their families.

We want to individually introduce the panel…so this evening we bring you the fantastic Dominic Manning, who will advise us on the work we do to support the transportation of very poorly children to hospital. Here is a little bit about Dominic, in his own words…

“I am a specialist transport nurse with a background in PICU, where I looked after Evie, and have been with NECTAR since its inception in 2015. I enjoy working with children and their families and helping to transport them around the region to get the care that they need. It is a very rewarding job that enables me to help parents and families when they are at their worst and hopefully give them confidence that their child will be ok.”

We are so pleased to have Dominic in Team Evie and really look forward to working with him! Welcome to the team Dominic!