23rd April 2021


Greg Johnston

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Workington Reds Juniors U13 Whites raise £265!

Following the latest lockdown, imposed at the beginning of January, Workington Reds Juniors U13 Whites were set a challenge by their coach…

We have all felt the pressure of the lock-downs we have experienced in the last year or so… trying to keep fit whilst being stuck in the house, not being allowed out to meet friends and keeping on top of everything else we need to manage! And the junior team at Workington Reds are no different it seems.

As we began to emerge from the latest lockdown the teams coach, Tom Allison, set the team a challenge to bring up their fitness levels before returning to training and competitive matches. Their challenge was to complete a ‘Marathon in March’! The players could walk, run or cycle the 26 miles – a big challenge for a 12 or 13 year old!

The team decided that not only would they complete the challenge, but they would also raise money for charity at the same time. The team decided as they wanted to chose a charity that was local to the team and helped children, that Team Evie was the charity to go for – and we can only agree they made the right decision!

The teams coach Tom said:

“The challenge we took up was a marathon in March, which was aimed at getting the lads out either walking cycling or running and getting them a bit of fitness before football resumed. We were able to do this for charity thanks to Unicorn Valeting sponsoring our hooded tops. Several charities were put forward but Team Evie stood out due to the work they do and the feedback we got from friends who have witnessed this. Our team wish you all luck in raising money to support this cause and hope our contribution helps. Thanks, Workington Reds Whites U13 players and coaches”

The team raised a fantastic £265 with their challenge, a brilliant amount!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the team; the coaches, parents and most importantly of all the players for all their efforts! We wish you all the best for your return to training and the season ahead!