15th June 2018

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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Book Trolley Donated to SCBU at West Cumberland Hospital

We were thrilled to donate our latest book trolley to the Special Care Baby Unit in West Cumberland Hospital yesterday! This collection of books was specially put together to be focussed on the babies that spend time in the ward, whilst still catering for siblings who will spend time visiting, and parents who spend hours on the ward.

The book trolley was paid for by the fundraising of the children at Eaglesfield Paddle School, Dearham School and Arendal International School in Norway. Thank you so much to all the children, staff, parents and friends of those schools – you have made a huge and lasting impact for the children in the ward and their families.

This is now our 7th book trolley donated to children in hospital – what an incredible impact. Reading to children in hospital is proven to:

  • Aid recovery of the children when they hear a familiar voice
  • Strengthen family bonds as they read together
  • Encourage all member of the family to be involved during hospital visits
  • Create a sense of normality in a strange situation/surroundings

We get such great feedback from families and staff which back ups this research, and makes us incredible proud. Along with the name of the school who paid for the books, Evie beautiful little face is pictured on each book – she really is making such a difference to so many families!

If you would like to get involved in raising money to fund our next book trolley (we are working on 2 at the moment!) with your school, you can sign up by visiting our dedicated page where you can find out more information on our reading challenge, see the promotional video, and sign up your school!