Schools Reading Challenge

The Team Evie Reading Challenge is a sponsored event which takes place in schools to raise money to buy mobile libraries for children in hospital. It is a great way to raise money and make a difference, as well as raising the profile of reading in you school!

How does it work?
The challenge is very simple. All the children are given a sponsor card (along with a book mark each!) and asked to set themselves an appropriate challenge to complete in a week. For example; A 5 year old may decide on a challenge of ‘I will listen to my mum read 2 books to me each night’ and a 10 year old may decide to read a full Harry Potter book. The children ask for sponsors from family and friends and then take on their challenge!

Who does it help?
Using the money raised from the reading challenges we provide portable library trolleys for children’s wards in hospitals. Every book purchased using money raised in a school will include a message to say which school have provided it. If a school raise enough money they could even have a full library of books with their name on! Reading to children in hospital has been proven to aid children’s recovery, strengthen family bonds and also provide some normality in difficult times.

How do I get involved?
If you are associated with a school who would like to take part in a reading challenge then simply complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will get in touch to confirm the dates of your challenge – then we can send you a pack with everything you need to get started with your challenge!

Download the Sponsor Card

Sponsor a child doing the challenge

Sign your school up for the Reading Challenge

Use the form below to sign up your school; note that you must be an official representative of the school to do this.